Dreaming In Technicolor

Using an obscene amount of fluffy oats and wheat, we brewed this Double IPA with Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic in the whirlpool. After fermenting gently with our expressive yeast, we double dry hopped with those same wonderful hops to push those aromatic thiols up into the senses.

DDH DIPA // 8.8%

Heavy Weaponry

We brewed this with lots of fluffy oats for a smooth and creamy body while using Citra, Mosaic, and Rakau in the whirlpool, as well as dry hopping. It hits with huge passionfruit, followed by juicy mango, resinous pineapple, and with a nose that is purely dank.

DDH IPA // 7.5%

Asymmetrical Simulation

Brewed with fluffy oats, Citra & Galaxy hops, it brings notes of dank, juicy pineapple, orange, and a little pine.

DDH IPA // 7.5%

404 The Number of the East

Brewed with German Spalt hops and German pilsner malt for the grain bill. This Helles Lager is a collaborative effort with some of our incredible friends in the beer industry. We brewed this beautiful, refreshing lager with New Grass Brewing out of North Carolina and My Parents Basement our Avondale neighborhood beer and comic book bar.

Helles Lager // 4.2%

Wrath & Annihilation

Brewed with pilsner malt with Rakau and a touch of Citra added in the whirlpool. After lagering, it was then dry-hopped solely with Rakau. Artisanal water crackers, bright citrus, ripe stone fruit, and Riesling flavor notes all come together for a refreshing taste to ease into the warm weather.

New Zealand Lager // 4.3%

Beyond The Edge of Existence

Naturally carbonated ESB. We capped our fermenter toward the end of the fermentation process to trap the natural cO2 being produced. In short, this helps to create tinier bubbles, and a softer, more rounded taste in the beer. This is one of our favorite traditional English ales to brew here because it packs so much flavor into such a small, easy drinking beer.

ESB // 4.8%

Me & My Ray Gun

Your favorite Gose is back, with a new twist! Cucumber, lime, coriander, and sea salt make this a perfect compliment to any occasion.

Gose // 3.5%

Food Court Slurpee

A heavily fruited sour ale with Blueberry and Raspberry.

Sour Ale // 6.2%

Probably the Best: Raspberry Lemonade

Our lemonade stand is open and our hard seltzer is back on draft!! This is one of the finest seltzers you taste this summer. Don’t believe us? Come try the latest summer time volume of Probably the Best: Raspberry Lemonade and see for yourself!

Hard Seltzer // 6.4%

Two Little Mice

We brewed this latest version of our Nitro Milk Stout with coffee from Opo Roasters

Nitro Milk Stout // 3%

* Subject to availability. To-go beer available while supplies last.